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Recommended Global Nephrology Conferences

We believe these and many other related questions can only be answered by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

This Pre-Conference Workshop (co-organised by GIZ’s Academy for International Cooperation and the International Training Centre of the ILO) will be facilitated as a bar camp in an open-space format and will focuson concrete practices und proven cases brought in by a team of expert facilitators and by you, the participants.

Take-awaysinclude personalised learning bricks, enriched insights into the manifoldness of workplace learning, as well asideas on how to challenge workplace learning in an open and non-formal manner!

M5 Morning Event

Complete workshop description

Inge de Waard

InnoEnergy and Open University, UK, Belgium

My professional journey (Institute of Tropical Medicine - Belgium, Athabasca University - Canada, The Open University – UK, and Women's gender equality movement - Belgium) immersed me in online and mobile learning from 1999 onward. I have set-up, coordinated and developed several online and mobile learning projects, always with a focus on participation and durability. These projects involved partners and individuals from both the Northern (Canada, United States, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, UK) and Southern regions (South-Africa, India, Peru, Morocco). As an avid enthusiast of open science, I am an active international speaker giving keynotes and guest lectures, as well as providing knowledge input (and consequently receiving lots of input) at seminars, SIGs and workshops.

Enlightened by the first connectivist MOOCs, I have set up one of the first MOOCs on mobile learning, called MobiMOOC (2011 2012), enabling learners to realize their own project. In 2013 I decided to investigate FutureLearn MOOCs and specifically how individual learners with online learning experience self-direct their learning, which resulted in obtaining a PhD at the Open University in UK.

I have come to realize that there is no single solution for all. The diversity which is at the core of nature’s success, seems to be replicated by the diversity in learning preferences and ways to achieve learning success in humans. But above all, I am a social learner, so feel free to talk to me.



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As instructional designers and online educators, we love learning. However, our workloads are increasing, and as human beings, we may have our training/instructional preferences. These two realities make it difficult to consider the diverse variety of options available that are relevant to learning needs in specific circumstances.

This Pre-Conference Workshop takes what you already use/do in your trainings or classes and will help you zoom in on specific elements for improvement to lift your learners to the next level. Our guide and practical tool for instructional and learning design will be the Instructional Design Variation Matrix (IDV matrix), which uses opposing learning parameters to map out instructional design options for a variety of learning environments.

The idea, if brought to full fruition (and that’s a huge “if”), could transform society. We could have transparent companies that 2018 New Sale Countdown Package OLD SKOOL Trainers gray/black Geniue Stockist Cheap Online Online For Sale jP1P6Mia2G
, governments that Clearance Online Official Site Rag amp; Bone Newbury Ponyhair Ankle Boots Cool QXrZuCIU
, an internet freed from the corrupting value-extraction of powerful gatekeepers, the Giuseppe Zanotti Ruched Leather Booties Cheap Sale Official Site Clearance Prices Outlet 100% Original Discount Shop Offer ixr34dLAiz
, and Best Place Outlet Order Online Rochas Suede MidCalf Boots Low Cost BPuASdJ
for the betterment of humanity. Or at least, we could have solutions that markedly improve on the status quo. Decentralization is Pierre Hardy Suede Wedge Sandals Under 70 Dollars Outlet Sneakernews New Cheap Low Shipping Fee WsXPJecFs
in all sorts of ways.

“Bitcoin showed that something valuable  — money  —  could be trusted without trusting anyone in particular to verify transactions.”

There’s a cost. (There’s always a cost.) For Bitcoin, the costs involve a very slow network with limited functionality that wastes massive amounts of electricity and enriches a side community of miners. Maybe those are worth it. Maybe technological advances, through the parade of new blockchains and blockchain enhancements, will drive down the costs. We don’t know yet. Yes, the bitcoin in circulation is notionally worth north of $100 billion, but that’s cryptoasset thinking. Is anyone using bitcoin yet to do something, other than to get rich, to make a point, or to avoid law enforcement? And it gets steadily worse as one progresses down the list of nearly 2,000 (or perhaps many more) extant cryptocurrencies.

There’s also a catch. (There’s always a catch.) What works for small groups, bounded applications, and idiosyncratic users doesn’t necessarily survive the climb to the mainstream. If it does, it often becomes something completely different. Until Facebook came along, it wasn’t clear anyone could make real money on social networking, which was just a frivolous exercise for kids anyway. The fact Facebook did come along doesn’t prove it was inevitable.

Some of those betting on the cryptocurrency revolution may be proven right. It’s an exciting bet, with all kinds of potential upside, but still a gamble. There’s a reason true revolutions don’t happen often. And when they do, there tends to be heavy collateral damage.

Blockchain (‘Tracking’)

The blockchain* phenomenon grows from the same root as cryptocurrencies  —  the Bitcoin white paper of 2008 and its antecedents  — but seeks something very different. Rather than trying to do without trust, blockchain starts from the premise that our trust is too limited. We only really trust ourselves, or our own organization. Yet no person, or company, is an island. Even the government of an island isn’t an island, for that matter, when it has to trade and interact across the water.

The world is filled with processes, especially among larger companies and governments, where things must be tracked from one trusted zone to another. Firms spend $10 trillion per year globally on “logistics,” which is short for putting stuff on transportation systems controlled by someone else. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers keep their own trusted (yet independent) records of the same items as they flow through supply chains. When you walk into a new hospital or doctor’s office, your medical records don’t necessarily walk in with you. They are even less likely to walk out together with the new ones you generate. All of these breakdowns in information flow feed the fearsome dragon known as transaction costs. According to the dominant school of economics today, the effort to slay that dragon is the Cheap Sale For Sale Ash Leather LaceUp Ankle Boots Clearance Cheap IE10v0eYL

Rick Owens Distressed Ankle Boots Cheap Price Cost Affordable Cheap Price Sale Recommend Enjoy Cheap Price 3OtqVv

Wetmore, Barbara A; Brees, Dominique J; Singh, Reetu; Watkins, Paul B; Andersen, Melvin E; Loy, James; Thomas, Russell S


Serum aminotransferases have been the clinical standard for evaluating liver injury for the past 50-60 years. These tissue enzymes lack specificity, also tracking injury to other tissues. New technologies assessing tissue-specific messenger RNA (mRNA) release into blood should provide greater specificity and permit indirect assessment of gene expression status of injured tissue. To evaluate the potential of circulating mRNAs as biomarkers of liver injury, rats were treated either with hepatotoxic doses of D-(+)-galactosamine (DGAL) or acetaminophen (APAP) or a myotoxic dose of bupivacaine HCl (BPVC). Plasma, serum, and liver samples were obtained from each rat . Serum alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase were increased by all three compounds, whereas circulating liver -specific mRNAs were only increased by the hepatotoxicants. With APAP, liver -specific mRNAs were significantly increased in plasma at doses that had no effect on serum aminotransferases or liver histopathology. Characterization of the circulating mRNAs by sucrose density gradient centrifugation revealed that the liver -specific mRNAs were associated with both necrotic debris and microvesicles. DGAL treatment also induced a shift in the size of plasma microvesicles, consistent with active release of microvesicles following liver injury. Finally, gene expression microarray analysis of the plasma following DGAL and APAP treatment revealed chemical-specific profiles. The comparative analysis of circulating liver mRNAs with traditional serum transaminases and histopathology indicated that the circulating liver mRNAs were more specific and more sensitive biomarkers of liver injury. Further, the possibility of identifying chemical-specific transcriptional profiles from circulating mRNAs could open a range of possibilities for identifying the etiology of drug/chemical-induced liver injury.

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Knudsen, Anders R; Andersen, Kasper J; Hamilton-Dutoit, Stephen; Nyengaard, Jens R; Mortensen, Frank V

Circulating liver enzymes such as alanine transaminase are often used as markers of hepatocellular damage. Ischaemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is an inevitable consequence of prolonged liver ischaemia. The aim of this study was to examine the correlation between liver enzymes and volume of liver cell necrosis after ischaemia/reperfusion injuries, using design-unbiased stereological methods. Forty-seven male Wistar rats were subjected to 1Âh of partial liver ischaemia, followed by either 4 or 24Âh of reperfusion. Within each group, one-third of animals were subjected to ischaemic preconditioning and one-third to ischaemic postconditioning. At the end of reperfusion, blood and liver samples were collected for analysis. The volume of necrotic liver tissue was subsequently correlated to circulating markers of I/R injury. Correlation between histological findings and circulating markers was performed using Pearson's correlation coefficient. Alanine transferase peaked after 4Âh of reperfusion; however, at this time-point, only mild necrosis was observed, with a Pearson's correlation coefficient of 0.663 (PÂ=Â0.001). After 24Âh of reperfusion, alanine aminotransferase was found to be highly correlated to the degree of hepatocellular necrosis RÂ=Â0.836 (PÂ=Â0.000). Furthermore, alkaline phosphatase (RÂ=Â0.806) and α-2-macroglobulin (RÂ=Â0.655) levels were also correlated with the degree of necrosis. We show for the first time that there is a close correlation between the volume of hepatocellular necrosis and alanine aminotransferase levels in a model of I/R injury. This is especially apparent after 24Âh of reperfusion. Similarly, increased levels of alkaline phosphatase and α-2-macroglobulin are correlated to the volume of liver necrosis. © 2016 The Authors. International Journal of Experimental Pathology © 2016 International Journal of Experimental Pathology.

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